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Principal's Message


Headshot of Jessica Ramirez


Ms. Ramirez

Dear Hollydale Families,

On behalf of the staff of Hollydale Elementary School, welcome! 

At Hollydale, we provide our students with a great education. We also want our students to feel seen, valued, loved, and safe.

Each staff member works to provide a safe and inclusive space for students to learn and grow. We encourage students to be creative and curious and to work together. 

Families can be involved in a variety of ways. We want to partner with you as we work together to support your students in all they do. 

Keeping families informed is essential. We use phone calls, emails, text messages, newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, and special events to keep you updated.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out. We welcome your input as we work together.

School days at Hollydale Elementary are filled with growth, laughter, and shared accomplishments. We look forward to getting to know you and building lasting memories together.


Warmest regards,
Jessica Ramirez
Hollydale Elementary School